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We build truly premium websites that attract your dream clients, educates them

about your offers & converts them into paying customers.

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Attract more customers

with A Premium

Make a good first impression with
your website

People can tell if your business is struggling or established 
by simply looking at your website.

A good looking website sets the tone for how people 
perceive your company and how much they are willing to 
spend on your product or services.


Increase conversions with 

Give your website a breath of fresh air
with an 

A business website is usually the first point of contact 
when customers want to research a business online.

Our team will help give your website a makeover to 
increase conversions and make sure it is constantly 
updated all year round.

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot
Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

How It Works


Click "Get a premium website" button

Click the "Get a premium website" button to reveal our pricing page where you can place an order.


Place an order

You can choose a pricing plan that fits your budget and get started immediately.


2D Architecture

Get a 2D structure of your website pages and sections. This will be the first website sketch.


4 Weeks Delivery

We will work diligently to deliver you a premium branded website in under 4-weeks.


Hire a team of A-level

pros for your new

Kpimatrix brings a lot of experience
knowledge to the table.

We have a team of brilliant Full-stack engineers who are 
well versed in the areas of Website and App development.

When you hire Kpimatrix, you are essentially getting an all 
round solid tech team at an unbelievably affordable rate 
when compared to industry averages.


Drastically Reduce Cost 
our “PAYG”

The “Pay As You Grow” model is a
reduction and guarantee

It allows Kpimatrix to work on your premium website 
or application with an option to spread cost across 
long term recurring payments.

You can choose a pay as you grow plan that allows 
Kpimatrix to work on your project to completion & 
you can keep paying in installments even after 
your website is launched online.

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot
Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

Join 300+ companies in over 24 countries enjoying
 the Kpimatrix experience


With Kpimatrix as your
you can:

1Own A Mind Blowing Premium Website 
That Converts

Become a proud owner of a truly premium website 
that finally represents your brand and converts more 
website visitors.

Kpimatrix brings together technical know-how, 
digital marketing prowess and a touch of magic 
to your website.

2Have Your Website Ready In Under 30 

Unlike most website developers who over promise 
and under deliver, at Kpimatrix we do things a lot 
more differently.

We want you involved in every stage of the process 
to make sure that your new website surpasses 

3Keep Your Website Updated 24/7 All 
Year Round

The last thing you want is to spend money on a 
new website that stops working after a couple 
of months.

Kpimatrix has an annual maintenance plan that 
includes consistent updates of your website 
all year round and guarantees 100% uptime.

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How much does it cost?

You Only Pay For What You Need

At Kpimatrix we work on a results based model. Our pricing model is based on Key performance 
indicators hence, you only pay for performance and what you need.

TYPE OF WEBSITEAvg.Cost Per PageAvg. Conversion Rate
TYPE OF WEBSITESIMPLE DESIGNAvg.Cost Per Page€800Avg. Conversion Rate10%
TYPE OF WEBSITECUSTOM DESIGNAvg.Cost Per Page€1200Avg. Conversion Rate25%

*** these are estimates based on data from our customers and industry research ***

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

Nana Ageyi

Owner / Densik

I and my partner approached Kpimatrix to help design our cryptocurrency exchange platform. They designed ...both the website and the CRM which the people in the cryptocurrency community loved at first glance. We will be moving forward with Kpimatrix in the development and marketing for sure.

Adam Repov

Founder, Vogue Chain

I would like thank you guys for the Great design! All of my team members and the clients love the design ...which you have done for us! The whole design and color combinations were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great work that you did and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs amazing service.

Mattew B.O

DIRECTOR/CEO, Demerald Study

Kpimatrix created my website Demeraldstudy. They perfectly designed and built an SEO-friendly website ...for me. Ever since my website has been completed, I have been getting search intent clients without performing marketing. I love how optimization-friendly my website is. Many thanks, Kpimatrix.

Marcus Alfonso

CEO, Takemypen

Design and content both were outstanding. Samson and his team were very helpful throughout the project. ...They kept us informed about all the development processes and also integrate our feedbacks hand to hand. The overall experience working with kpimatrix was amazing. It has always been a pleasure to work with these kinds of professional and experienced people.

Brian Kamande

CEO / Dukaniyetu

I had a fantastic experience. I think I got Kpimatrix as a company that understands what I really want achieve and really ready to work with m. It's why I've always kept in contact.

Jorge Javier

Owner / Iberica Business School

We got two different designs that we could pick from and I must say both designs were very good. We pick of the designs and our website was completed in under 10 days. The speed at which our website was completed is out of the ordinary. The branding of our website is also very outstanding. Thanks to you guys at Kpimatrix

Why CEO's and Founders
Trust Kpimatrix

The most authentic tech & advertising company
you'll ever work with


You’re probably thinking it’s too
to be true.
Here are a few questions
you might have.

Depending on your requirements and the complexity of the project, a truly premium website can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks to be 100% ready.
Progress updates are usually done on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the agreement reached. We will assign you a success manager who will keep you up to date at all times.
Yes. works with some of the best and most powerful CMS systems to help you manage content on your own without the help of a developer.
Yes. We will include keywords that increase google rankings & perform search engine optimization in order to increase traffic.
Yes. At, we always focus on building websites in a way that will help you attract the right customers for your business and close more deals. We do this by always including basic advertising principles such as SEO, sales copywriting, and Conversion rate optimization.

Get A website that finally suits your brand! 
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Give your website the makeover it deserves. 
We’ll have your website custom made and ready in no time.

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