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Your SaaS
Product Idea To

In Record Time

Our software engineering team can get your SaaS product idea to market
under 3-months with a fully functional prototype at an affordable cost.

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First autonomous
in 90 days

A functional prototype is a huge
milestone in 
saas development.

Kpimatrix will help speed up your go-to-market plan by 
making sure the first version of your Saas application is 
operational within 90 days.

Our developers are some of the best full stack engineers in 
the software development industry.


Designed to replicate your 

SaaS Vision

The goal here is to understand your

Through intense discussions and drawing out a 2D 
version of your saas product idea.

Kpimatrix will be responsible for branding, user interface (UI) 
and user experience (UX) design of your saas product even 
before development.

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot
Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

How It Works


Book an appointment

Schedule an appointment in minutes to speak with one of our experts at Kpimatrix for free.


Free Consultation

45 minutes discovery call to break the ice and learn more about your Saas product idea.


2D Architecture

Get a 2D structure of your Saas product pages and sections. This will be the first product sketch.


Start Development

We’ll break down the project into milestones and work diligently to deliver a world class product.


Built with the best
technology stacks

MERN and MEAN stacks are the best
for SaaS 

These are technologies that are used to build 
your saas application on the MongoDB database.

In most cases we use React, Angular, JavaScript or 
Typescript technologies for the Front-end and on the back- 
end we make use of Express, Node.js and in some cases 
Python or PHP.


Engineered to scale as you 
grow bigger

Cloud based servers help you scale
at your own 

All our software products are built using cloud servers 
for higher efficiency to manage user growth and 
easily monitor any software issues as you grow.

Kpimatrix focuses on building products that are 
well documented, fully functional, and independent 
of individual developers.

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot
Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

Join 300+ companies in over 24 countries enjoying
 the Kpimatrix experience


With Kpimatrix as your
lead software
you can:

1Hire a team committed to long term 

Unlike most developers who only focus on their hourly 
rates, Kpimatrix believes in long term partnerships.

Choosing a tech team that looks long term is crucial 
to the success of any SaaS product that 
has a future.

2Bring your idea to life in record time

Speed and Efficiency are some of the most important 
requirements in SaaS product development.

Our software engineering team will focus on coding a 
prototype of your SaaS product in under 3-months.

3Save costs with an experienced team

We are not cheap but we also understand the amount 
of effort that goes into developing a SaaS product 
from the ground up.

Kpimatrix has a lot of cost reduction options that help 
SaaS founders spread risk and bring amazing SaaS 
products to market.

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How much does it cost?

You Only Pay For What You Need

At Kpimatrix we work on a results based model. Our pricing model is based on Key performance 
indicators hence, you only pay for performance and what you need.

SaaS Product
Avg. Start-up
Avg. Cost to
Avg. Time
SaaS Product CategoriesSmile or small
SaaS Product CategoriesSIMPLE OR
Avg. Start-up
From €7000
Avg. Cost to
From €28,000
Time Duration
Prototype: 3 Months
Completion: 3 Months
Total Duration: 6 Months
SaaS Product CategoriesModerate or medium
SaaS Product CategoriesMODERATE OR
Avg. Start-up
From €15,000
Avg. Cost to
From €60,000
Time Duration
Prototype: 3 Months
Completion: 6 Months
Total Duration: 9 Months
SaaS Product CategoriesComplex or large
SaaS Product CategoriesCOMPLEX OR
Avg. Start-up
From €33,000
Avg. Cost to
From €132,000
Time Duration
Prototype: 4 Months
Completion: 8 Months
Total Duration: 12 Months

*** these are estimates based on data from our customers and industry research ***

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Nana Ageyi

Owner / Densik

I and my partner approached Kpimatrix to help design our cryptocurrency exchange platform. They designed ...both the website and the CRM which the people in the cryptocurrency community loved at first glance. We will be moving forward with Kpimatrix in the development and marketing for sure.

Adam Repov

Founder, Vogue Chain

I would like thank you guys for the Great design! All of my team members and the clients love the design ...which you have done for us! The whole design and color combinations were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great work that you did and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs amazing service.

Mattew B.O

DIRECTOR/CEO, Demerald Study

Kpimatrix created my website Demeraldstudy. They perfectly designed and built an SEO-friendly website ...for me. Ever since my website has been completed, I have been getting search intent clients without performing marketing. I love how optimization-friendly my website is. Many thanks, Kpimatrix.

Marcus Alfonso

CEO, Takemypen

Design and content both were outstanding. Samson and his team were very helpful throughout the project. ...They kept us informed about all the development processes and also integrate our feedbacks hand to hand. The overall experience working with kpimatrix was amazing. It has always been a pleasure to work with these kinds of professional and experienced people.

Brian Kamande

CEO / Dukaniyetu

I had a fantastic experience. I think I got Kpimatrix as a company that understands what I really want achieve and really ready to work with m. It's why I've always kept in contact.

Jorge Javier

Owner / Iberica Business School

We got two different designs that we could pick from and I must say both designs were very good. We pick of the designs and our website was completed in under 10 days. The speed at which our website was completed is out of the ordinary. The branding of our website is also very outstanding. Thanks to you guys at Kpimatrix

Why CEO's and Founders
Trust Kpimatrix

The most authentic tech & advertising company
you'll ever work with


You probably have some questions

Here are a few answers
that could help.

At we understand the need to work fast when building SaaS products. We aim to have MVPs fully functioning and online in under 8 weeks.
Depending on the size and complexity of your project, will assign at least one expert in each critical field of development. Front-end developer, Back-end developer, database engineer, product designer, SEO product expert, product copywriter, QA engineer & database engineer.
Yes. On completion of a project, will give you access to your entire codebase. We usually use GitHub to manage the codebase during the development process. All tools used will be handed over to the client on completion.
Yes! You get all IP rights to your SaaS product. is here to help you build and grow, all IP rights of the software product belong to the client.
How often can I get progress updates? Progress updates are usually done on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the agreement reached. We will assign you a success manager who will keep you up to date at all times.

It’s about time you start working on your saas 
product idea. Ready to take the first step?

Kpimatrix will get your product to market faster 
than any other software team out there or your money back.

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