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Turn your social

channels into
a sales


Kpimatrix will create a sales process for your business to consistently convert social
followers from Fans to customers through social media engagement.

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Go viral with posts that 
get your fans

Viral posts can help boost popularity & 
revenue for your business.

Social media channels are constantly evolving 
and in order to keep your target audience engaged, 
you need to stay up to date with the latest trends.

At Kpimatrix we study your target audience and publish 
highly relatable posts that draw attention and compel 
your followers to engage with your posts.

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Gain Followers through
targeted Ad

The more eyeballs on your business, The more 
money you make.

Are your social media channels bringing enough attention 
to your business? With more followers, your business can 
increase brand exposure, Website traffic and sell more 
products or services.

With Kpimatrix, you get a dedicated social media manager 
who focuses on helping you gain real followers that could 
become loyal customers of your business.

Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot
Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

How It Works


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Social Engagement

Get a consistent supply of leads and sales with increased social media engagement

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Build brand loyalty by 
chatting with Fans

Make it easy for followers to contact your 

Customers love it when they can easily speak with 
the businesses they buy from. This helps in making 
the business human and increases brand loyalty.

Unlike other social media agencies that mainly focus 
on posting content, Kpimatrix puts more priority on 
engagement with social media followers.

Hello!I realy like your products 
Thank you! This is very
important for us 
When to expect the new line?
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Monetize your following &
Increase Sales

Create incentives that convert your followers 
into customers.

Most businesses never fully tap into the power of their 
social media following. Your followers need to be constantly 
motivated to become customers with good incentives.

Kpimatrix can monetize your social media following by 
consistently creating exclusive incentives like discounts or 
gifts in order to encourage sales and increase revenue.

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Trusted by 500+ brandsstarstarstarstarstarTrust pilotTrust pilot

Join 300+ companies in over 24 countries enjoying
 the Kpimatrix experience


Here is what to expect with
in charge
of your social media

1A new source of revenue for your 

Smart businesses never have a single source of 
revenue because it simply isn’t sustainable in the 
long term.

With our social media engagement service, you can 
have access to an untapped and completely new 
source of revenue for your business.

2Higher search engine rankings

An increase in social media following and engagement 
will result in more Google searches for your business.

Our social media engagement service will help 
increase your website traffic and increase revenue 
within the first 6-months of implementation.

3Position your brand as a thought leader

People buy from businesses they can trust, and trust is 
earned with credibility. If people perceive your business 
as a thought leader, then you gain credibility.

Kpimatrix will help create educational and insightful 
content that will make people view your business as an 
industry expert.

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How much does it cost?

You Only Pay For What You Need

At Kpimatrix, our pricing model is based on Key performance indicators and value. you only pay for 
performance and what you need.

Avg.Cost Per
Avg. No of
Avg.No of Hours
SaaS Product CategoriesFacebook
Social Media ChannelsFACEBOOKAvg.Cost
Per Month
No of Posts
Up to 20 posts
videos, FB
Avg.No of Hours
Up to 15 hours
Social Media ChannelsInstagram
Social Media ChannelsINSTAGRAMAvg.Cost
Per Month
No of Posts
Up to 30 (images,
Instagram Live)
Avg.No of Hours
Up to 30 hours
Social Media ChannelsLinkedin
Social Media ChannelsLINKEDINAvg.Cost
Per Month
No of Posts
Up to 20 (Images,
Avg.No of Hours
Up to 60 hours

*** these are estimates based on data from our customers and industry research ***

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Nana Ageyi

Owner / Densik

I and my partner approached Kpimatrix to help design our cryptocurrency exchange platform. They designed ...both the website and the CRM which the people in the cryptocurrency community loved at first glance. We will be moving forward with Kpimatrix in the development and marketing for sure.

Adam Repov

Founder, Vogue Chain

I would like thank you guys for the Great design! All of my team members and the clients love the design ...which you have done for us! The whole design and color combinations were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great work that you did and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs amazing service.

Mattew B.O

DIRECTOR/CEO, Demerald Study

Kpimatrix created my website Demeraldstudy. They perfectly designed and built an SEO-friendly website ...for me. Ever since my website has been completed, I have been getting search intent clients without performing marketing. I love how optimization-friendly my website is. Many thanks, Kpimatrix.

Marcus Alfonso

CEO, Takemypen

Design and content both were outstanding. Samson and his team were very helpful throughout the project. ...They kept us informed about all the development processes and also integrate our feedbacks hand to hand. The overall experience working with kpimatrix was amazing. It has always been a pleasure to work with these kinds of professional and experienced people.

Brian Kamande

CEO / Dukaniyetu

I had a fantastic experience. I think I got Kpimatrix as a company that understands what I really want achieve and really ready to work with m. It's why I've always kept in contact.

Jorge Javier

Owner / Iberica Business School

We got two different designs that we could pick from and I must say both designs were very good. We pick of the designs and our website was completed in under 10 days. The speed at which our website was completed is out of the ordinary. The branding of our website is also very outstanding. Thanks to you guys at Kpimatrix

Why CEO's and Founders
Trust Kpimatrix

The most authentic tech & advertising company
you'll ever work with


We made a list of our most
answered questions.
Dig right in below.

You can expect a social media following growth of between 200 to 1000 followers per month depending on your unique requirements.
The goal of a social media engagement campaign is to create content that attracts your ideal customers as followers or fans and implement strategies that turn them into paying customers.
Depending on the plan you choose to go with, will vet and provide you with a social media manager that will single-handedly manage all video & content creation activities as the face of your brand.
Yes. will create, edit and publish engaging video content to increase your brand's visibility and conversions across all selected social media platforms.
Social media engagement is not about posting random content and getting fake followers. It focuses on building real relationships with your target clients and creating offers that will turn your followers into repeat paying customers.

Ready to turn your social media channels into 
a sales generating machine?

Grow social media following, put a real face to your brand, 
and increase sales revenue with Kpimatrix today.

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